HOUSE OF SAKI is a leading Scandinavian fashion house founded by Salomon Dahan in 1987. Our goal is to constantly develop our position within design, production, distribution and marketing, strengthening our brands and creating popular collections. We own three established brands, with reference to the various target groups, both concerning design and marketing communication.

ROCKANDBLUE collection is targeted at the fashion interested and trend-conscious customer. It is inspired by the global music scene, urban subcultures and denim trends with a Scandinavian twist. Styling, fit and material selection as well as the finishing of the products stand for authentic and casual looks, made for the daily urban lifestyle. ROCKANDBLUE has developed to a brand offering different types of outerwear and leather garments. Wash effects and hand treatments are important for us to give a unique look to every style. Our garments are designed to fit you- every day everywhere.